Smart and smooth Brexit

Claire Perry MP coining the phrase "Smexit". November 30th 2016.

Considering we will be saving £160 million a week, it's certainly smart and should be smooth too, effectively just walk away, it's Europe's loss, what's to negotiate?

This dirty-looking besom, Guy Verhofstadt, is leading the Brexit negotiations for the European Union. He is promising a tough, fighting negotiation. Eh? Excuse me? We just say, "See you later, pal" and walk away with £160 million in our pocket every week. What's to negotiate when a wealthy benefactor withdraws their funding? They'll soon want Scottish whisky and salmon, or Sheffield steel and Range Rovers, it will be them who are kowtowing to us. He has also been critical of Boris Johnson and Liam Fox. He doesn't get it, does he? He counts for nothing now (if he ever counted for anything).



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